The Steoples



GB a.k.a Gifted & Blessed (Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker) and Yeofi (Yeofi Andoh) are The Steoples.

GB is a longtime producer who was integral to the start of the Los Angeles beat scene. He recorded his full-length debut album in 2004, which also marked the first collaboration with vocalist and U.K. native Yeofi on the haunting “Love is the End” single.

The two had met through mutual friends, drawn to one another through their shared appreciation for genre-defying creativity.

When they met, something clicked. GB was working with certain musical colors and collages that resonated with Yeofi, and the result is Six Rocks, an exploration of sound that often emerges as a collection of unfinished ideas. In lieu of being incomplete, however, GB prefers to describe it as unresolved. There are no typical song structures or chord progressions, or any sense of normalcy here. And that’s a good thing. Much is left to interpretation and imagination.